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Washing Equipment of Texas offers a complete line of floor scrubbers and floor care equipment. We carry Factory Cat, Advance, Tornado, and Karcher commercial floor cleaning machines. By carrying so many brands, we can meet whatever needs you have in floor care. If you’re looking for large parking lot rider sweepers or small indoor commercial vacuums, we are your one-stop shop for industrial floor cleaning machines. Browse our extensive line of high-performance products or contact us for individualized recommendations. Please let us know how we can help you today!

About Our Industrial & Commercial Floor Scrubbers

At WET, Ltd. we offer a wide range of industrial and commercial floor scrubbers to meet the floor cleaning needs of our customers. Our commercial floor scrubbers are an excellent solution for large-scale floor cleaning, for areas like office buildings, schools, manufacturing plants, and much more. With indoor and outdoor applications, our commercial floor scrubbers and sweepers can get the job done no matter where you need it most. From Factory Cat Scrubbers to Advanced Chariot style scrubbers, WET, Ltd. has got you covered. We offer ride-on scrubbers, auto scrubbers, walk-behind scrubbers, and any other kind of floor scrubber you can imagine. For industrial and commercial floor scrubbers, trust WET, Ltd.

Industrial Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

With our line of Advance Industrial ride-on floor scrubbers and floor sweepers, we can facilitate a cleaning solution for your dirty establishment. We can offer a wide range of industrial sweepers and scrubber/sweeper combinations for cleaning large warehouses, parking lots, runways, and streets. Our diesel options are perfect for outdoor use and can be accessorized fully including a closed in cab with air conditioning. For your large indoor areas, we offer a propane engine model with better emissions and no smell. The machines we provide are rugged, practical, and built for efficient performance. Let us know how we can help you today!


Big & Efficient:
  • Good for large indoor and outdoor areas

Indoor/Outdoor Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

With over 30 years of experience, WET knows that not every cleaning problem can be solved with a “one size fits all” solution. Some facilities have a large footprint but small aisles and lots of obstacles. We have a great line of indoor/outdoor rider floor scrubbers and sweepers designed for such facilities. These are durable industrial units with cleaning paths and a turning radius perfect for your needs. Call now to speak with one of our sales people to find the perfect industrial floor scrubber or sweeper for your cleaning project and ask about a free demonstration with a return on investment analysis.


Capable & Nimble:
  • Good for indoor and outdoor areas with small aisles or lots of obstacles

Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

WET also has a huge selection of walk-behind industrial floor scrubbers and sweeper products perfectly suited for any job. Whether you’re cleaning linoleum floors in your facility or rough concrete surfaces in your shop, we can offer the ideal cleaning machine for the problem. Our walk behind floor scrubbers come with large tanks and high scrubbing pressures so there’s less stopping to refill or re-clean the same surfaces. Even the toughest job is made easy! These floor cleaning machines come with a variety of squeegee blade options and brush styles. We can show you how much money you can save by letting a walk behind floor scrubber/sweeper do the cleaning. In some cases, you can cut your cleaning costs by over 50% by using an industrial floor scrubber instead of doing the work by hand! The additional bonus is that you’ll save time and energy by letting the cleaning equipment do most of the manual labor.


Practical & Agile:
  • Good for saving time and energy compared to cleaning by hand

We Do Rentals!

Get the cleaning equipment you need, when you need it. With floor scrubber and sweeper rentals from WET, we make it easy for you to get the job done right without the cost, upkeep and storage space that comes with buying and owning your own equipment. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your project.

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Our floor scrubbers are great for a number of different applications, allowing you to get the toughest spots and stains off floors of any material.


Our concrete floor scrubbers quickly and efficiently remove dirt, dust, and grime from concrete floors in factories, manufacturing plants, and outdoor facilities.


Gymnasiums, basketball courts, and other areas with large, hardwood floors can benefit from how easy our hardwood floor scrubbers get the job done.


Commercial kitchens use our linoleum floor scrubbers to keep their floors clean of any contaminants, bacteria, and viruses in food preparation areas.


Large areas with carpeted floors like yoga studios and hotels can enjoy how easy it is to keep the carpet floor clean with our carpet floor scrubbers.

The Better Alternative For Cleaning Floors

Traditional floor cleaning tools such as a mop and bucket can certainly leave a lot to be desired. When it comes to cleaning floors effectively, nothing beats the efficiency of a floor scrubber or sweeper. With numerous advantages like the ability to target specific areas for cleaning, automatically dispense cleaning solution, and deep-clean a surface in seconds with high-speed brushes or bristles, there’s no better alternative than a floor scrubber or sweeper from WET, Ltd.

Clean Smarter With Vacuum Features

In addition to high speed scrubbing, these machines also offer a vacuuming feature. For instance, once your floors are scrubbed clean the vacuuming feature will turn on and vacuum the excess dirty water from your floors. No more dirty water sprayed all over your floors undoing all your hard work.

Clean With Or Without Chemical Solutions

With certain models of floor scrubbers, you can use water, cleaning solution, or nothing at all. This is one of the biggest reasons why they are seen as more hygienic than their manual counterparts. By operating without any chemicals, they can clean the same area without the possibility of environmental damage.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning a floor scrubber is also quite simple. Dump out the dirty water in the proper receptacle and towel dry. Simply wash the brushes and bristles and store all components in a well ventilated place to continue drying. If your floor scrubber is electric or gas powered, make sure its energy is replenished.

Cleaning Made Easy

Floor scrubbers and sweepers are designed to maximize cleanliness while cutting hours of labor. Efficiency and simplicity is what will give you motivation to keep your area clean. Floor sweepers and scrubbers will revolutionize the way you clean.

Models We Offer

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Ride-On Scrubbers

Ride-On Sweepers

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Walk-Behind Sweepers

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Ride-On Scrubber/Sweeper

Ride-On Scrubber

Ride-On Sweeper

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Chariot-Style Scrubbers

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Give us a call today for information on models available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Floor scrubbers use water, and in many cases, detergent to clean the floors, simplifying the mopping process. On the other hand, floor sweepers use only brushes to dry sweep floors, removing dirt and debris. There are combination machines, like the Advance CS7000 that perform both the mopping and sweeping jobs at separate times, or at once. 

If the surface you’re looking to clean only features a light amount of dust, your floor scrubber will be able to handle it. If there is larger debris or heavier amounts of dust, you may want to perform a sweep first. 

The square footage capabilities of a floor scrubber or sweeper tend to vary between make and model. To learn more about the specific capabilities of a certain floor scrubber or sweeper, contact our team to learn more.

Most modern floor scrubbers have the capabilities to be used with or without detergent. In most cases, floor scrubbers are much more effective when using detergent. Think about it like washing dishes or laundry – what’s the point in washing it without soap? 

How often your floor scrubber requires maintenance is largely based on how often it is used. But, there are a few preliminary checks you’ll want to do before and after each time you use your floor scrubber or sweeper.

Before using your floor scrubber or sweeper, check the batteries, drains, and hoses for clogs or leaks, as well as debris trays. After using your machine, you’ll want to drain and rinse your solution or recovery tanks, dry out tanks by storing them with the lids open, clean squeegees, brushes, and pads, and charge the battery of your floor scrubber. 

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