WET offers an incredible selection of Landa power washers and WET LED heated pressure washing equipment available for purchase or rental. Please feel free to take a look through our extensive line of hot water pressure washers. Choose from belt-drive and direct-drive models, gas or electric powered engines, and stationary, trailer mounted, or portable heated pressure washers. You can click on each washer individually to see photos, specifications, and information about warranties.

If you’re not sure what model or type of hot water pressure washer will be ideal for your cleaning project, give the experts at WET a call and we’ll be happy to help you find the best fit.

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Trailer Mounted Hot Water Pressure Washers


AaLadin Pressure Washers

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Enjoy the freedom that comes with a trailer mounted pressure washer! Now, you can take your hot water pressure washing equipment with you to any cleaning site, regardless of how remote it may be. Most of our trailer mounted pressure washers run on gasoline and can be professionally mounted on a trailer for secure transportation.

Trailer mounted hot water pressure washer

Stationary Hot Water Pressure Washers


AaLadin Hot Water Pressure Washers

Landa Hot Water Pressure Washers

WET, Inc. is proud to offer stationary hot water pressure washers that are powered by both electricity or natural gas. Regardless of which hot pressure washer you select, you can be sure that they are designed to increase efficiency and cost of ownership. Contact WET to learn more about our stationary hot water pressure washers and discuss which option may be best for your needs.

Landa VHG hot water pressure washer

Portable Hot Water Pressure Washers


AaLadin Hot Water Pressure Washers

Landa Hot Water Pressure Washers

Our portable hot water pressure washers are an operator’s dream because of how easy they are to operate and transport from job to job. Additionally, our selection of portable pressure washers are reliable and built to last, so you can get your return on investment several times over.

Landa PHW Hot Water Pressure Washer

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