large metallic industrial tanks that need tank cleaningFood and beverage processing can pollute important equipment very quickly. When the processing industry has to shut down tools in order to clean them, that’s time and money spent for something that should be rectified quickly.

Washing Equipment of Texas can fix your cleaning problems and fix it fast. Through our tank cleaning options, you can outfit your company to clean the biggest tanks and the smallest totes. We also have personal pressure washers that range all the way up to 3000 PSI, as well as industrial washers that can clean your entire tank in 30 minutes.

Gamajet® Industrial Tank Cleaner

industrial tank cleaning using gamajetFor industrial tank cleaning, Washing Equipment of Texas has partnered with Gamajet® to provide you with rotary impingement technology, one of the best industrial tank washing solutions available today. Rotary impingement drastically reduces water and chemical usage. Instead of having to hire a crew to go into the confined space entry inside one of your tanks, station Gamajet® tools inside the tank permanently. As soon as your designated task is complete, Gamajet® equipment can be scheduled to begin their thorough cleaning of the entire tank immediately. While a crew may be able to clean most of a tank, Gamajet® provides a full 360º of cleaning power, finishing the job in about 30 minutes.