Get the most from your equipment investment. Protect it with WET LED and Landa Pressure Washers.
You’ve invested a lot in your business’s equipment so you want to keep it working efficiently. One good way to protect your investment is keeping it clean with top-quality pressure washing equipment from WET. We offer hot and cold water pressure washers, as well as as electric and gas-powered pressure washers. Browse through our selection of pressure washing equipment below, or contact us to discuss your needs. Our experts will walk you through your options and recommend a pressure washer that meets your needs and budget.

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Hot Water Pressure Washers

For tough dirt, grease, and oil, hot water pressure washers are your solution. The hot water adds a lot of power to your pressure washer, dissolving hard to remove spots. Look more at our Landa pressure washers and LED pressure washing equipment stock now.

Gas Engine Powered

Landa PGHW Hot Pressure Washer

Electric Powered

Landa PHW Hot Water Pressure Washer

Cold Water Pressure Washing Equipment

If you want sheer power, cold water pressure washing equipment provides the advantage over your cleaning project. We work with gas and electric powered washers as well as belt and direct drives to give you options to choose from.

Gas Engine Powered

yellow landa pressure washer

Electric Powered

Landa Cold Pressure Washer

The WET LED line of pressure washing equipment is the result of over 300 years of hands-on experience

The LED Group was formed by the leading group of industrial pressure washing equipment dealers in the cleaning equipment industry based on one principle; build the highest quality, full featured, and technologically advanced pressure washing equipment. With over 300 years of combined pressure washing equipment experience, we have provided our customers with a new line of hot water pressure washers made specifically for them with features not typically found on other brands. We back it up with the best customer service, support, and training available.

Let us customize a pressure washer cleaning system for you.

No matter what your cleaning needs may be, WET has an ideal solution. From hot and cold water pressure washers to super concentrated custom detergents, WET provides the widest variety of industrial cleaning solutions in the country.

Choose from a wide variety of dependable, affordable pressure washers.

WET pressure washers by Landa lead the industry in cleaning ability and durability. And they come in a variety of models and sizes. Our units range in pressure output from 1,000-psi to 5,000-psi. They are available on wheels, skids or in cages; with gasoline, diesel and electric engines and many other options.

Get pressure washers designed for the harsh demands of industrial cleaning.

Caked-on dirt and mud are easy to remove with WET’s economical cold water pressure washing equipment. For cleaning off grease, oil or grime, you can’t go wrong with our superior hot water pressure washing equipment.

Pressure Washer Resources

Choosing the Right Pressure Washer

With so many types of pressure washing equipment to choose from, it’s important to get the right tool for your line of work. The first question to ask yourself when choosing a power washer should ask is how much you’ll be using it. WET’s certified experts are prepared to help you find the perfect washer for your specific needs. To learn more about choosing the right pressure washer for your field, watch the video or give us a call today!

Hot Water vs Cold Water Pressure Washers

Depending on what you need to clean, you should consider whether you need a hot or cold water pressure washer. Hot water pressure washing equipment is used when you need the most powerful, deepest clean, or are working with chemicals or oil. If you’re looking for more general work, and may not necessarily need to clean specific surfaces, opting for a more general application instead, a cold water pressure washer could be right for you. Watch the video or call us today to learn more!

Industrial vs Consumer Pressure Washers

Consumer, commercial, and industrial pressure washing equipment all have different powers and warranties associated with them. Scrubbing your driveway once per spring? You should be fine with a consumer power washer. For businesses though, choosing between a commercial and industrial pressure washer can save you money and become a very useful tool in your arsenal. Start by asking yourself how many hours per week you’ll need to use your pressure washer, then watch this video or call WET to find out more!

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