Pressure Washers

You’ve invested a lot in your business’s equipment so you want to keep it working efficiently. One good way to protect your investment is keeping it clean with top-quality pressure washing equipment from WET. For the inexperienced, it can be tough to find the right pressure washer for your needs or specific use case. At WET, Ltd. we provide a wide range of pressure washers from the top brands in the world, Landa and AaLadin.

Pressure Washer Purchasing Guide

Choosing the Right Pressure Washer

Getting the job done means finding the right power washer to get it done. Check out some of the considerations to make regarding your next pressure washer purchase in the video above.

Hot Water vs Cold Water Pressure Washers

Hot and cold water pressure washers have different capabilities. Learn more about the differences between hot and cold water pressure washers in the video above.

Industrial vs Consumer Pressure Washers

Whether you’re an auto shop owner trying to degrease the shop floors, or a homeowner trying to clean their driveway, these jobs require different pressure washers. Learn more in the video above.


Find the right pressure washer with Landa and AaLadin pressure washers from WET, Ltd.

When you choose to purchase your pressure washer from WET, Ltd., our team of pressure washer professionals will walk you through the different considerations to make regarding finding the right pressure washer for you. Hot or cold water, electric or gas, portable or stationary — we’ll discuss all the options available and help you find the pressure washer that’s right for you.

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Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot water pressure washers are the answer to tough-to-beat dirt, grease, and oil. Hot water adds additional power to your pressure washer, dissolving those extra hard to remove spots. Construction, transportation, and oil & gas professionals often choose hot water pressure washers from top brands like Landa and AaLadin to get the job done.

Here are some use cases for hot pressure washers:
  • Cutting through oil and grease in an auto shop
  • Cleaning cooking oil spills in a restaurant
  • Remove dirt and gunk from heavy equipment
  • Cleaning walk-in fridges, freezers, or other freezing areas
  • Eliminating gas & diesel spill stains at gas and truck stations
  • Quickly cleaning chemical spills in processing plants

Cold Water Pressure Washers

For more general pressure washing needs, cold water pressure washers are the answer. Where cold pressure washers lack heat, they make up for it in sheer power. Painting, cleaning, auto detailing, and manufacturing professionals can choose from gas or electric cold water pressure washers from Landa and AaLadin for their cleaning needs.

Here are some use cases for cold pressure washers:
  • Quickly blasting dirt and grime off auto exteriors
  • Cleaning spilled paint off of concrete and asphalt
  • Removing algae and other grime from building exteriors
  • Cleaning driveways & parking lots
  • Preparing exterior trim for house painting
  • Cleaning pool decks & sidewalks
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We Do Rentals!

Get the cleaning equipment you need, when you need it. With pressure washer rentals from WET, we make it easy for you to get the job done right without the cost, upkeep and storage space that comes with buying and owning your own equipment. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your project.

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Industry Use Cases

When you choose to purchase your pressure washer from WET, Ltd., our team of pressure washer professionals will walk you through the different considerations to make regarding finding the right pressure washer for you. Hot or cold water, electric or gas, portable or stationary — we’ll discuss all the options available and help you find the pressure washer that’s right for you.


Faster clean up in post-construction

Cut through tough grease and oil stains leftover by equipment

Clean equipment quickly and efficiently, which prevents damage

Remove dirt and dust obstructing the view of the work

Clean ceilings and floors with ease

Oil, Gas & Mining

Remove stains and slicks from spills

Keep work area clean and safe

Eliminate dirt and grime build-up from equipment

Degunk large screws and threads quickly

Clean and remove rust piping and tubing


Quickly clean entire fleet of vehicles

Maintain a professional & clean appearance

Convenient interior & exterior cleaning solution

Clean glass windows and doors

Keep rails and tracks clear of dirt and debris

Contract Cleaning

Quickly clean floors and ceilings

Wash windows and glass doors efficiently

Clean sidewalks and driveways

Wash walls and roofs

Get the job done quicker and easier


Clean spills on the manufacturing floor

Keep work areas clean and safe

Quickly get back to work after cleaning up

Eliminate dirt and grime from equipment

Cut through oil, grease, and other gunk stains


Clean dirt and mud from farming equipment

Keep building exteriors, animal pens and animal transport clean

Sanitize and clean animal living areas

Clean floors and ceilings quickly and easily

Variety of applications for both small and large jobs

AaLadin and Landa offer the best selection of pressure washers on the market

At WET, Ltd., we proudly offer a wide selection of AaLadin and Landa for a number of different uses. When you choose WET, Ltd., we are committed to providing our customers with as much information as possible regarding what’s the best pressure washer for your needs. WET, Ltd. has over 300 years of combined pressure washing equipment experience, backed by countless customers who are happy with the products we provide. No matter what you need a pressure washer for, we have the right equipment for you.

We’ll find the right pressure washer for you

When you reach out to WET, Ltd. for a quote, we’ll discuss your needs in a pressure washer, and what you expect from your system. Whether you’re cleaning cars or houses, or removing rust from equipment, we’d like to know.

Dependable and affordable options to choose from

Based on your needs, we’ll find the right pressure washer for you. We have a wide range of pressure washing systems to choose from, offering different features at different price points. Finding the right pressure washer is easy with WET, Ltd.

Pressure washers that get the job done right

We provide the best pressure washing systems on the market and stand by them with support from our team as well as manufacturing warranties. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the performance of your pressure washing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hot pressure washers utilize heat to get rid of tough to remove dirt, grime, and stains. On the other hand, cold pressure washers use only the pressure of the water to clean and wash surfaces. In general, hot pressure washers tend to perform better as heat essentially dissolves just about any kind of stain out there.

When you contact the team at WET, Inc. we’ll walk you through the different options available regarding which pressure washer is right for your needs. As a rule of thumb, hot pressure washers are usually recommended only for industrial and commercial applications.

In most cases, pressure washers do not damage property in any way, shape, or form. On certain strengths, a pressure washer may have the capability to strip paint or damage windows, but that’s only when a pressure washer is used under incorrect instruction and supervision.

If you will be using a pressure washer more than two or three times, it’s likely more affordable to buy one flat out. But, if you will only be using a pressure washer here and there, renting might be the right option for you.

After you’re done using your pressure washer, you want to ensure that it can properly dry to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, it’s best to disconnect all of the hoses and tubes from your machine, empty them of any liquids, and wipe them down thoroughly. Then, store your pressure washer in a dry place so it can dry properly and effectively, ready for use the next time you need it.

If you find that one of your pressure washer hoses has been punctured, the most appropriate course of action is to replace the hose entirely. Using a non-intact pressure washer hose can be dangerous, and should always be avoided. If you notice that your hose has excessive wearing, or that the wire braids are exposed, Washing Equipment of Texas recommends that you replace the hose entirely.

Whether you choose an electric or gas-powered pressure washer is mostly up to preference. If you’ll be using your pressure washer for any sort of indoor application, electric pressure washers are usually the best choice in terms of safety. Additionally, electric motors tend to be quieter, and require less maintenance when compared to gas-powered motors. Since they only need to use electricity to be powered, electric pressure washers are also cheaper to operate. Gas-powered pressure washers are much more portable since they do not require a separate power source. If you plan on moving and using your pressure washer in several different places frequently, gas-powered might be the best choice for you.

PSI stands for pounds per square inch. This is the “pressure” in the pressure washer that forces dirt and grime off a surface via pressured water. GPM stands for gallons (of water) per minute used by the pressure washer when in use. Ask one of Washing Equipment of Texas’s service representatives whether PSI or GPM should be prioritized based on your pressure washing equipment needs.

Power washing and pressure washing are interchangeable terms for the same piece of equipment. These are pieces of equipment that exert high-pressure water in order to clean dirt, dust, and grime from surfaces of all kinds. The use of these words differs based on regional dialects. In some parts of the United States, they’ll say pressure washers, while in other parts they’ll say power washers. 

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