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atlas copco air compressor

Air Compressors by Atlas Copco

When it comes to using the best, WET works exclusively with Atlas Copco air compressors. Since 1873, Atlas Copco has had a legacy steeped in providing solutions in industrial productivity. For more than 100 years, they have been at the forefront of air compressor technology.

Atlas Copco invented the screw compressor, an air compressor which renders the air oil-free and eliminates the need for piston-based compression. It is a better, more environmentally friendly alternative for those that need to utilize the raw power of a compressor.

WET is now a supplier of Atlas Copco air compressors

Due to high customer request and for your convenience, WET now offers a full line of rotary screw and piston air compressors.

With a full line of Atlas Copco air compressors and their specially designed piping system, AIRnet, we can build a complete air system tailored to fit your needs.

AIRnet is designed to reduce your operating costs by reducing pressure drop while providing higher air flow thanks to its smooth inner aluminum surface. AIRnet is also built to last by being resistant to corrosion, fire, thermal variations, mechanical shocks, and outdoor weather conditions.

Air Compressors by Atlas Copco

Piston Compressors

  • LS-LP Piston Duplex
  • LS-LP Piston
  • LS-LP Piston Vertical Tank

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What is an air compressor?

atlas copco gx air compressor

An air compressor is an industrial machine which pressurizes air to use as force. Air compressors are incredibly versatile, as they are able to perform multiple functions at the same time. They are able to let air move rapidly through any space, quickly filling up the area with circulated air.

If you have ever been to a gas station, chances are you have used an air compressor to fill up low tires. This is one of the instances where compressors are utilized to deliver air into a receptacle. You might have also used a smaller version of an air compressor when blowing up an air mattress or a pool toy. It has the same principle, but on a smaller scale.

Additionally, air compressors are utilized as a power source. They can be utilized to power small tools around the house. If you’ve ever had to use a sander, nail gun, or even a small spray paint gun, you’ve used a compressor. The air compressor moves through the tool in a certain way, using the compressor’s power to work the machines.

How does an air compressor work?

It can be very difficult to wrap your brain around an air compressor. It’s best to start with what the basic function of the air compressor is – it compresses air. While this is an outrageously simple statement, it’s important to establish the end goal. This is because the methods of how air gets compressed varies from machine to machine. No matter the method, the end result is almost always the same.

Also, the air compressor has a second function – transform energy. Some people utilize air compressors to power things. In order to do this, you have to take in energy and form it into compressed air energy. Once this occurs, the energy is able to be ported around where needed. This is especially beneficial for those that use portable compressors.

Open atlas copco GA 18 FF air compressor

atlas copco screw blower element

Screw Based Compressor

Washing Equipment of Texas utilizes Atlas Copco’s screw compressors. A screw compressor is vastly different from the alternative. Typically, when you use a screw compressor, you are using a sanitized version of the air. It also functions on the very basic tenet of forcing air into a tight space, but does it in an atypical way.

A screw compressor will utilize two screws inside. These are known as the male screw and the female screw. Together, the screws fit inside one another, allowing the compression to occur.

The motor is run by either electricity from a wall socket or fossil fuels. It depends on what kind of power source your air compressor runs on, as the compressor simply needs a power source in order to start. Once it turns on, the compressor begins functioning.

The air is taken in from the outside, then forced in between the screws. This effectively seals the air in, preventing it from getting out. The tight seal between the male and female screws force the air to become more and more pressurized. Eventually, this pressurized air is deposited into the tank, where it will remain until used.

Compared to other methods of pressurization, screw compressors stand out due to the option of oil-free screw compressors. While others require oil to form a seal to keep air in, the screws themselves form the seal. This keeps the pressurized air free from the potentially harmful effects that airborne oil can provide.

Piston Based Compressor

The most prominent way of transforming energy for air compressors is by utilizing a typical piston driven motor. Instead of the motor propelling a vehicle or some other tool, it’s pressurizing the air within the tank. Washing Equipment of Texas does not deal with these models, but many people do use them.

When the power is turned on, this begins turning the crankshaft, which turns within the motor encasing. The crankshaft is connected to the piston(s) via several hinges. As the crankshaft rotates, the hinges rotate. This creates up and down movement within the piston(s).

The up and down movement is crucial to the creation of pressurized air. Above and below each piston are two flaps. The flap located at the top of the piston is known as the inlet valve. When the piston moves down, a miniature vacuum is created. Because of this, air from the outside forces its way into the piston through the inlet valve.

When the piston moves up, the inlet valve closes and the bottom flap, known as the discharge valve, opens. The movement upwards forces the new intake of air to compress itself, as it has nowhere to go. Once it has been compressed enough, the piston forces it through the discharge valve. This valve is also the opening for the air tank, which stores all the compressed air. When the tank is at full capacity, the function of the motor stops.

atlas copco lf air compressor piston pump

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