When working in the dairy industry, cleanliness is second to none. It is vital that all equipment be in pristine conditions. However, if you have the demands of the world’s dairy needs on you, it’s difficult to spend the time needed in order to both meet demand and have a regular dairy tank cleaning.

That’s why Washing Equipment of Texas has the right cleaning solutions for you. Our tools will be able to scrub any piece of equipment clean, making the sanitizing process a breeze. Residue from products like butter, cheese, and more are now gone in a flash.

dirty dairy tanks

Clean Your Tanks with Gamajet® Rotary Impingement Cleaning

Washing Equipment of Texas is also a partner with Gamajet® tools. Why hire a work team for a confined work space for dairy tank cleaning when you could get rotary impingement cleaning technology for a fraction of the time and money?

Rotary impingement cleaning technology functions by indexing 360º of the space that needs cleaned. Once the space is indexed, the cleaning process will eliminate any messes. The rotary impingement cleaning technology cleans the mess more efficiently, but uses less water, less chemicals, less water pressure, and little to no manpower. Instead of tank cleaning jobs tanking weeks, a cleaning can now take as little as 30 minutes to complete.