a brewery in need of winery and distillery cleaningOver time, mold and grime can build up on distillery tools. Washing Equipment of Texas offers pressure washing and tank cleaning equipment that can get your equipment back to brewing in no time.

Washing Equipment of Texas’s tools can get pressures up to 3000 PSI and 4.8 GPM, blasting the dirt right off of your equipment. Higher pressure can not only increase the power of the wash, it can also increase the cleaning radius of your pressure washing tools. For instance, a 1000 PSI washer may clean a 2 inch diameter at a time. At 3000 PSI, you are able to clean 8 inches, three times the width of a washer with 1000 PSI.

Specialized Products for Your Distillery Cleaning Needs

Our power washers also come in several models. Washing Equipment of Texas has units that can be run on electrical power or on diesel fuel. We also have pressure washers that project either cold or hot water, depending on what your distillery needs. Power washing tools can use less water than normal washing so, while the pressure is focused, the amount of water used is decreased.

Distillery work can sometimes use a deeper clean, which is why Washing Equipment of Texas also offers unique cleaning products that can help clear up your tools. From detergent, specialized spray nozzles, washer extensions, and flat service cleaners which pierce through floor grime, we have options that will make the most out of your cleaning tools.

Gamajet® Can Help Your Brewery Shine

We aim to keep a high level of quality for keeping our equipment on the cutting edge of clean. That’s why we’re a proud dealer of Gamajet® rotary impingement technology. Most winery and distillery cleaning needs a crew for a truly thorough cleaning. Instead of pulling resources for this project, rotary impingement technology allows for 360º cleaning while using a fraction of the water used by pressure washers. That’s why companies like Shiner, Sam Adams, and Anheuser Busch have already implemented Gamajet® equipment in their own breweries.