WET has your solution for tank cleaning equipment that provides a more efficient and safer than traditional methods!

Superior Tank Cleaning

graphic of how gamajet cleaners cleanCall Washing Equipment of Texas to discuss your tank cleaning needs with one of our expert technicians today — Chances are, we have a Gamajet system that is the perfect fit for you!

Benefits of Rotary Impingement Tank Cleaning: The most Efficient and Effective Cleaning!

  • Effective: Proven and Guaranteed cleaning results no mater the tank size or residue!
  • All Purpose: One machine is capable or providing a solution for a broad range of oilfield applications!
  • Efficient: Powerful cleaning with minimal use of resources. Cleaning is completed in minutes instead of hours or days, meaning faster tank turn-around!
  • Safe: Eliminate 90-95% of confined space entry and the Gamajet machine reduces the vapor and gas levels in a tank within minutes!

Gamajet’s rotary impingement technology provides impingement force in a precise, repeatable and reliable 360 degree pattern insuring the entire tank is cleaned every time. The Gamajet greatly reduces down time, water usage and provides for a safer tank cleaning process!

Industrial Tank Cleaning

Tote Cleaning / Tote Washing

Totes, or IBCs are used in a variety of industries including chemical manufacturers, food companies, wineries, distilleries, and more. WET offers custom tote tank cleaning systems from Gamajet designed specifically to get your holding tanks clean as quickly and efficiently as possible. In fact, Gamajet systems are designed to clean any IBC or tote in just 2-7 minutes! To learn more about tote washing systems, watch this video or call us today!

Frac Tank Cleaning

Our Gamajet Products are a great solution for oil field cleaning— common applications include mud tank cleaning, sludge tank cleaning, and frac tank cleaning. In the oil fields, frac tanks become heavily soiled quickly and require constant upkeep. WET’s line of frac tank cleaning equipment is strong enough to get any tank clean! Watch this frac tank video to see the industrial tank cleaning equipment in action, and call WET today to get a quote for your own Gamajet system.

Portable Restroom Cleaning

As a Gamajet distributor, Washing Equipment of Texas offers a wide variety of automatic tank cleaning systems to make tough jobs like cleaning portable restrooms a little bit easier. Our water jet tank cleaning systems help cut down on time, resources, and hassle by automating the tank cleaning process with simple yet effective Gamajet systems. Call us today to learn more and too see if a Gamajet system from WET is right for your tank cleaning business.

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