Keep your fleet clean with WET car and truck wash systems.

When you keep your fleet clean with an automatic 18 wheeler truck wash from WET, you protect it from road grime and make it last a lot longer. And no one knows truck cleaning better than WET—or offers such powerful solutions.

From school districts to car dealerships, fleet owners trust WET.

WET car and semi-truck washing clients include school districts, trucking companies, and car and truck dealerships. Many use pressure washers to clean fleets, while others rely on our automatic car and truck cleaners.

Get a custom-designed car and commercial truck wash system

To meet your fleet’s particular needs, let WET customize a car and truck washing solution for you. We custom design and install automatic and semi-automatic car and truck washes, including wash pad to prevent runoff.

Speedy Wash™ Single Brush Machines By Bitimec

Figuring out how to wash a fleet of trucks is no simple task. If your trucks or busses require regular cleaning, but fully automated truck wash equipment is not an option for you, then Speedy Wash is the answer!

Speedy Wash by Bitimec allows truck and bus companies to keep their fleet in pristine condition with a fast, inexpensive machine. Speedy Wash provides truck companies with immediate savings of time and money — compared to hand washing, you can save up to 75% on labor, water, brushless truck wash soap, and chemicals! In fact, with a Speedy Wash machine, you will be able to wash a semi truck, trailer, or bus in an average of just seven minutes! Imagine what those savings would mean to your business!

Speedy Wash machines are made with high quality, durable parts, and require minimal operator training and maintenance. For more information, or to get a quote today for your truck wash, call us at (800) 899-9388 or fill out the form on the left. We look forward to helping you find the perfect semi truck wash system for your needs!

Truck Wash System Bitimec Speedy Wash 626 XL cleaning a tour bus

Truck wash equipment

Save time and money with customized solutions for cleaning your truck fleet. WET carries the best truck cleaning supplies available, and has everything you need to keep vehicles looking pristine. We have industrial solutions to fit every need. Along with our truck wash cleaning systems, we also offer:

  • Truck Cleaning Supplies. WET offers a complete array of detergents specifically designed for trucks to maximize cleanliness, efficiency, and value. Detergents include Super Red II and Q-Break truck soap.
  • Pressure Washers. To aid in providing a traditional truck hand wash, WETs wide array of pressure washers are available to tackle all jobs and all budgets. Contact us today to speak with a fleet washing specialist.

Car dealership washing solutions

When you sell cars, every vehicle needs to be in the most pristine, selling condition. With car and truck washing solutions from WET, it’s easy to keep every car in your lot looking great, so you can make the right sales. Touchless washes and pressure washing solutions allow you to quickly and efficiently clean your vehicles after storms and inclement weather to keep your lot in mint condition.

School bus washing systems

Your school buses need to be clean and neat every day. Maintaining clean buses creates a positive image for your school, and gives parents and students a sense of reliability. With the ability to clean an entire bus in less than ten minutes, WET has comprehensive truck washing solutions that are a powerful tool to ensure your fleet always looks great.

Call our experienced technicians today at 800-899-9388 to get a free quote on our washing equipment.

To best serve your needs, our repair and maintenance teams are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!