Save money on fuel and installation costs with the Eco-Green 70 Series!

Most models pay for themselves every 1-3 years and continue to give you a return on your investment over the life of the machine!

The Eco Green 70 Series uses an innovative insulation system designed for greater efficiency and easier serviceability. Cooler exhaust temperatures allow for CPVP or Galvanized HVAC sheet metal duct work ventilation saving you money on installation costs. The 70 series pump module utilizes a dual pump configuration to minimize the possibility of down time from possible pump failure. Some models come with an optional clutch pump to reduce maintenance costs and down time.

The 70 series are available in 3-12 gpm with 300 – 3000 psi and 230/440 volts single or three phase. Call 800-899-9388 for more information and start saving money today!

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71 Series

Single Control | Single Chamber

Aaladin 71 High Efficiency Series Pressure Washer

72 Series

Single Control | Dual Chamber

Aaladin 72 High Efficiency Series Pressure Washer

73 Series

Dual Control | Dual Chamber

Aaladin 73 High Efficiency Series Pressure Washer