Custom Built Rigs for Oil Field Applications

National regulations require oil fields to be kept clean before risking damage. Along with environmental rules, dirty oil equipment and field conditions can put workers at risk. From servicing frac tanks, oil drills, and general oilfield operations, a custom-built WET rig can give any business the needed advantage.

Washing Equipment of Texas has the equipment to keep oil fields operating at peak conditions. From standard tools to custom made rigs, WET can create the oil field solution for the right occasion. Prevent mineral build-up and keep the quality of the oil high. Regular cleaning can provide optimum conditions for operations.

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Your Best Choice For Oil Mining-Drilling Cleaning Solutions 

There’s no need to hire the services of an oil rig cleaning company with oilfield pressure washers from WET, Ltd., and Landa. Costs of continuously hiring an oil rig cleaning service far surpass that of outright purchasing a Landa commercial hot pressure water. Some of the most experienced oil rig managers and owners will tell you that having a high-quality hot water pressure washer is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. With so many cleaning applications across the rig, you’ll find that you get your money’s worth in what you would spend with a cleaning service in just a few weeks. Keep your oil rig clean, safe, and productive with hot water pressure washers from WET, Ltd. 

Our Most Popular Oil Field Pressure Washers

WET, Ltd. proudly offers Landa Pressure Washers for use in cleaning oil fields. Some of our most popular hot water pressure washers for oil field cleaning include: 


Landa’s SLX is one of the biggest portable pressure washers on the market. Additionally, the Landa SLX is the only portable pressure washer that delivers water temperatures of up to 200 degrees at a rate of up to 10 GPM (gallons per minute). Two is usually better than one, which is why the SLX supports 2 gun-operation methods. With the SLX, you can pick 3 models based on gasoline or diesel power, as well as rugged and skid-mounted options. With the SLX, Landa offers a 7-year warranty so you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected. 


With the Landa VNG, you’re choosing from their line of natural gas and liquid propane heated hot water pressure washers. Offering multi-gun operation, paired with remote stations, the VNG is ideal for wash rack cleaning. If you’re looking for alternative fueling methods for your portable hot water pressure washer, the VNG from Landa could be just what you’re looking for. 


For over 40 years, Landa’s most popular electric-powered and diesel-heated portable hot water pressure washer has been the PHWS. With a small frame and 4 offroad wheels, it’s easy to navigate the PHWS from spot to spot on the oil rig. Get true reliability from your pressure washer at an affordable price with the PHWS from Landa. 


Landa’s most compact hot water pressure washer comes in the form of the PGHW. With the PGHW, you’re getting a self-contained, hot water pressure washer with minimal carbon footprint and energy usage. For efficient, yet effective hot water pressure washing, choose the PGHW from Landa and WET, Ltd. 

Pressure Washing Solutions for the Oil Field

Nothing cleans faster, better and easier than a Landa hot water pressure washer. Surprisingly, pressure washers also conserve water, using only a fraction of the water that is typically used when cleaning with a garden hose.

Selecting a power washer is like painting—the bigger the brush, the faster you get the job done. Pressure (PSI) determines the width of the spray. High water volume (GPM) cleans more effectively. High PSA and GPM combine for high-efficiency cleaning of even the toughest surfaces.

WET’s hot water pressure washing applications are ideal for the oil field. Higher temperatures cause water molecules to collide with each other, creating energy that causes grease and grime to break free from the surface to which they’re attached.

Hot water power washing, with water temperatures up to 200°F, also produces a sanitizing advantage especially important to the medical and food industries. Adding heat-friendly detergents to the heated water creates the ideal cleaning setup.

Industrial pressure washers for the oil field will save you time, money, labor, and water. Oil field pressure washers are perfect for cleaning:

  • Mixing augers
  • Drill pipes
  • Scooptrams
  • Transmixers
  • Muckers
  • Shovel loaders
  • Frac tanks
  • Drill rigs
  • Haul trailers
  • Well booms
  • Generators
  • Excavators
  • Belt Crawlers
  • Mine hoists
  • Locomotives
  • Elevator Links

Due to strict regulations, the oil field demands powerful tools to keep everything clean and efficient. When you have the toughest cleaning jobs, choose WET to provide the best solution.