WET Offers Industrial Cleaning Equipment.

a paper manufacturing machine that needs to be cleaned with industrial cleaning equipment The world would be a very different place if the paper industry didn’t exist. Business thrives with the use of paper so, any hindrance to paper manufacturing means lost income for both businesses and paper manufacturing. Picking the right industrial cleaning equipment  to get your business back is very important.
Washing Equipment of Texas would like to provide you and your company with the absolute best options that can increase your productivity through pressure washing. No matter how large or small the piece of equipment, Washing Equipment of Texas has options for all sizes. From small power cleaning machines that blast up to 3000 PSI to industrial sizes that can blast even harder, our company has the machine for you.

Gamajet® Certified Products

demonstration of the successful Gamajet Rotary Impingement cleaning systemWashing Equipment of Texas is a proud partner with Gamajet®, which provide automatic rotary impingement technology solutions for your paper industrial site. Rotary impingement can get more of your area with less water. Many times, in order to clean industrial equipment, crews must be appointed and go inside industrial vats and clean inside. With Gamajet®, automatic tools can be placed inside your industrial equipment, eliminating the need for additional cleaning crews. Instead of scheduling cleaning, Gamajet® can now be scheduled to clean as soon as you need it to, giving a full 360º clean to any tank or tool.