Washing Equipment of Texas is your one-stop-shop for washing equipment solutions.

We offer a wide variety of washing equipment for any situation, from home cleaning projects to full scale industrial operations.

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Pressure Washers


We offer a wide variety of hot and cold water pressure washers in different configurations including portable, stationary, and truck mounted models.

Car Washers

Saber Car Wash

Car washes from WET come in both traditional brush models and brush-free touchless models. We have everything you need to build your own car wash business.

Truck Washes

Westmatic Truck Wash

Our truck washes are ideal for companies that have fleets of delivery vehicles, semi trucks, and busses. Keep your equipment in pristine condition!

Wash Water Recycling Systems

Watermaze Water Recycling System

Save resources and money with a wash water recycling system from WET. Our water recycling systems allow you to reuse water from pressure washers, car washes, and more.

Parts Washers

Cuda Parts Washer

If your business regularly uses machinery, you could benefit from a parts washer to keep your equipment pieces clean. Parts washers can improve efficiency and extend the life of your equipment!

Floor Care Equipment

Factory Cat Floor Scrubber

We offer a complete line of floor sweepers and floor scrubbers to keep your floors pristine. Equip your team with the best floor care equipment available!

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Industrial Cleaning Products

Landa Cleaning Chemicals

We stock a wide variety of cleaning products including detergents, degreasers, graffiti removal solutions, and more.

Car Detailing

Tornador Car Detailing Spray

WET offers a large line of car detailing products from both Tornador and Meguiar’s to keep your car wash or detailing business fully stocked.

Atlas Copco Air Compressors

Westmatic Truck Wash

WET offers a wide selection of air compressors from Atlas Copco, with models ranging from small to industrial.

Gamajet Tank Cleaners

Gamajet Tank Cleaner

Tank cleaners are utilized by a wide variety of industries including oil, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and more. Keep your totes and tanks clean with Gamajet systems.

Cool-Space Portable Evaporative Coolers

Cuda Parts Washer

With Cool Space Evaporative Coolers, you can keep any space chilled without the need for central air. Perfect for warehouses, factories, and more.