Pharmaceutical Tank CleaningThe pharmaceutical industry is the backbone of what keeps the planet healthy and running. Therefore, if something in the pharmaceutical industry has to be closed down due to cleaning maintenance, other businesses take a hit as well. Costs could range as high as $5,000,000 in order to take care of a standard cleaning. Washing Equipment of Texas can help prevent any closings with our industrial cleaning solutions. We will make sure your equipment gets cleaned and ready in no time.
Washing Equipment of Texas can handle the cleaning requirements of any pharmaceutical industrial complex. Ranging from the cleaning of chemical tanks to portable totes and more, a multitude of washing options exist to make sure that your business gets what you need when you need it.

Pharmaceutical Cleaning with Automatic Optimization

Washing Equipment of Texas wants to make sure you get the most out of your cleaning needs. That’s why Washing Equipment of Texas is a proud partner with Gamajet®. Gamajet® specializes in rotary impingement technology, a service which allows precise cleaning in all areas with a fraction of the water usage. While other cleaning systems require workers to be spared in order to tend to the cleaning, Gamajet® does the cleaning for you. Their equipment can be placed inside of industrial equipment and programmed to clean automatically.

Gamajet® also offers a competitive advantage over other cleaning techniques. Many pieces of equipment, such as ball cleaners, can only clean areas in a small capacity. Gamajet® services offer a full 360º range of cleaning on every single surface you have. Now, instead of weeks, a typical cleaning project for a piece of pharmaceutical equipment can take about 30 minutes.