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Washing Equipment of Texas is proud to provide the Carolina Pride’s premium line of self-serve car wash solutions, so you can jump into this $6 billion market without having to commit all your time to business operations. With these high-quality systems, you can maximize profit potential and reduce operating costs while maintaining an efficient and successful car wash.
They're perfect for car washes big and small, whether you're a seasoned veteran of the car wash industry or just getting started.
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Take Your Self Serve Car Wash to the Next Level with Caroline Pride’s Express™ Series

At 6’ 1” high by only 2′ 11” deep, the Express™ series is the perfect solution for both small and large car wash facilities looking for a quality, reliable, and profitable solution. With features like low water safety shut-offs, powerful CAT pumps, air diaphragm pumps, and UL-listed motor controls, you can rest assured that your customers will be safe and get the highest quality results. And, with customizable options like weep freeze systems, spot-free rinse delivery, dual-belt drives, and more, the Express™ series offers the best self-serve car wash experience in the industry.
Get the most out of your car wash today with Carolina Pride’s best line of complete and compact self-serve car wash systems!


  • Low Water Safety Shut-Offs: Safety features like low water shut-offs ensure your equipment isn't damaged due to low water pressure. This helps protect your investment and ensure your car wash provides quality, consistent service for your customers.
  • CAT Pumps: Cat Pumps are designed for superior performance and durability, making them highly efficient and reliable. They also deliver great results, saving time and money.
  • Air Diaphragm Pumps: Utilize air diaphragm pumps to deliver a quiet and efficient wash that is safe for delicate surfaces while still providing exceptional results.
  • UL-Listed Motor Controls: UL-Listed motor controls give you peace of mind knowing your car wash is protected, and that it meets the highest standard of safety. These advanced controls maximize performance while increasing operational efficiencies.


  • Weep Freeze System: Carolina Pride’s advanced weep freeze system helps to keep your customers comfortable in even the coldest months by providing powerful heat that quickly removes icy residue from the vehicle. This keeps time waiting between washes at a minimum.
  • Spot Free Rinse Delivery: With an advanced spot free rinse delivery system, Carolina Pride’s self-serve car wash system helps to reduce water delivery times and the amount of water used, ensuring a high quality, spot free wash each and every time.
  • Dual-Belt Drive: The two-sided belt drive system ensures that your customer's car is tracked accurately along the length of the wash track for a superior cleaning. This allows for precision that can't be achieved by manual operations.
  • Cold Water Rinse: Get the cleanest rinses possible with Carolina Pride’s cold water rinse system. This system helps to reduce the amount of water used in each wash, saving you time and money while still offering an outstanding car wash experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Caroline Pride’s self-wash systems use detergents that are specifically formulated to be safe for all types of paint finishes on all types of cars. Moreover, the foam cannons and wax applicators are designed to prevent streaks and to ensure that the paint is not scratched or damaged while washing the car.

All types of mild detergent and wax suitable for car and paint care can be used in self-wash systems. If you’re not sure if a product is safe to use, feel free to give us a call and we can double-check. 

Yes, clear instructions will be provided with the self-wash systems so that your customers can learn how to use them safely and effectively. You can display them in your wash bay, in a brochure, or on the web.

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