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Protect Your Equipment from Harmful Minerals

Washing Equipment of Texas offers an innovative line of water softeners and pre-treatments. WET water softeners solutions remove hard minerals like calcium and magnesium that can damage your plumbing.

Why Use Water Softeners for Your Business?

Water softener systems improve the lifespan of the water-based appliances in your business. This is because as hard water evaporates, it leaves behind limescale deposits in your pipes. As deposits accumulate, they restrict water flow. They can even block your pipes completely.

In Texas, having a water softener is of particular importance, as our water is extremely hard compared to other states. Opting not to use a water softener can lead to limescale build up in the coils of your hot water pressure washers, shortening their lifespan.

Having a water softener system keeps your pressure washers, car washers, and water filtration systems working efficiently. This expands the lifespan of both your company’s water systems and pipes. Soft water even makes soaps and degreasers work better and greatly reduces hard water spots on your freshly washed equipment.

wet water softener

Why Use Water Softeners for Your Home?

WET also sells residential water softeners. In your home, water softener systems will give you cleaner and shinier silverware, glassware, mirrors, and tiles. It will make your hair, skin, and clothing softer, as less hard minerals will be trapped in them. Your clothes will even last longer and stay whiter.

All water-based appliances in your house, from coffee machines and ice makers to dishwashers and water heaters, will last longer. In short, having a residential water softener will make cleaning easier and save you money, both on your energy bill and from reduced damages to appliances.

WET Water Softener Systems Benefits


Our water softeners and pre-treatment solutions are ideal for:

  • Savings in detergent and water heating
  • Improving the efficiency of your equipment
  • Reducing maintenance costs

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