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Protect Your Industrial Equipment from Harmful Minerals

Washing Equipment of Texas offers an innovative line of commerical water softeners and reverse osmosis pre-treatments. WET industrial water softener solutions remove hard minerals like calcium and magnesium that can damage your equipment and plumbing.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Filtration Work?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration works by using pressure to force water past a semi-permeable membrane that reduces total dissolved solids count, which makes the water more pure. RO water is most often used as a “final rinse” to make sure whatever you are washing is spot free.

This will 1. eliminate the need to dry of vehicles once they’re washed  2. increase the speed of the wash  3. decrease man-hours  4. increase the number of cars you can wash per day  5. increase your revenue!

Why Use Commercial Water Softeners?

Reverse osmosis and water softener systems improve the lifespan of the water-based appliances in your business. This is because as hard water evaporates, it leaves behind limescale deposits in your pipes. As deposits accumulate, they restrict water flow. They can even block your pipes completely.

In Texas and southwest states, having a water softener is of particular importance, as water here is extremely hard compared to other areas of the country. Opting not to use a water softener can lead to limescale build up in the coils of your hot water pressure washers, shortening their lifespan.

Having a water softener and reverse osmosis system keeps your pressure washers, car washers, and water recycling systems working efficiently. This expands the lifespan of both your company’s water systems and pipes. Soft water even makes soaps and degreasers work better and greatly reduces hard water spots on your freshly washed equipment.

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Who Are Our Water Softener Systems For?

WET commercial water softener and pre-treatment solutions are ideal for businesses in industries such as:

  • Grocery/Retail Industry: Reduces water spots and extends equipment life
  • Automotive Industry: Uses less soap to wash cars and doesn’t leave streaks
  • Food Service Industry: Enriches water taste for customers and eliminates spots on dishes
  • Other Industries: Apartments, office buildings, factories, and more can all benefit from water that rinses better and prolongs the life of plumbing equipment
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Industrial Water Softener Systems Benefits

Our commercial water softener solutions can help your business by:

  • Reducing energy and water consumption
  • Reducing maintenance and detergent costs
  • Reducing scale build up
  • Improving efficiency of your equipment
  • Improving wash water quality

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