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Washing Equipment of Texas offers a wide variety of custom cleaning products to fit the needs of any project you could imagine. From multipurpose cleaners to degreasers, window cleaners to car wash soaps — WET has it all. WET Detergents and Industrial Soaps contain the most advanced formulas engineered to be used with high-pressure cleaning equipment. The Detergents come in both 5-gallon and 55-gallon containers, as well as bulk blends specifically designed to meet the needs of any industrial cleaning application.

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WET® Detergents For Use With Pressure Washers

A-6 Multipurpose Cleaner

Man Washing Truck with A6 Synthetic Detergent

A super concentrated multi-purpose cleaner, that is paint safe. Specially formulated for easy rinsing and is biodegradable. A great Butyl-based release agent.

X-15 Degreaser

Man Washing Tractor with X-15 Degreaser

A strong degreaser that is excellent for removal of petroleum based soils. Also great for concrete cleaning and equipment maintenance.

Q-Break Floor Soap

Man Washing Floor with Q Break Soap

Specifically engineered for wash water recycling systems and oil water separators. Quickly allows grease and oil to “Break” and float in oil traps.

Dyna-Brite X2 Aluminium Brightener

Woman Washing Semi with Dyna-Brite X2

A highly Concentrated aluminum brightener for that bright and shiny look! Engineered to be a friendly non-hydrofluoric product.

Wet Chisel – Concrete Remover

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A non-corrosive concrete remover that gets the job done without any chipping or hammering. Just spray on using our foaming applicator to allow for cleaning on vertical surfaces and rinse off, its that easy!

WET® Car Wash & Truck Wash Cleaning Supplies

WET Sheen – Tire Shine

Man Washing tire with Wet Sheen

WET Sheen is water based tire shine that can be diluted up to 4:1 and still give a high shine. It has a low viscosity allowing for use with automatic truck or carwash applications.

Clear Blue – Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate

Windshield washed with clear blue

Clear Blue is a windshield washer fluid concentrate that is specially formulated to remove road grime, bugs, and sap. Clear Blue is diluted 50:1 which delivers an economical RTU price!

P-40 Car & Truck Wash Detergent

Man Washing Fire Truck with P40 Vehicle Cleaner

Super concentrated detergent suitable for car, truck, and equipment washing. A high quality product for an economical price that is safe on all surfaces.

Super Red Car & Truck Wash Detergent

Worker washing city bus with Super Red II

A high foaming, clear rinsing detergent with excellent cleaning capabilities. Super Red is our best fleet wash.

Q-Break Truck Soap

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A specially crafted truck wash detergent designed to break down oil and grease. Q-Break is ideal for washing heavily soiled truck fleets.

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Graffiti Removal Products

Brick Masonry & Concrete Cleaner

Graffiti Remover Brick Masonry and Concrete Cleaner

An easy-to-use liquid graffiti remover designed for use on exterior brick, masonry and concrete surfaces.

Landa Graffiti Remover—Brick, Masonry and Concrete Cleaner is deep penetrating and fast acting for effective and thorough loosening and easy removal of spray-paint graffiti.

Sign Saver

Graffiti Remover Sign Saver Product Bottle

A fast acting, biodegradable liquid graffiti remover for exterior and interior signs.

Landa Graffiti Remover Sign Saver has been designed to penetrate and loosen graffiti on a wide variety of sign types without damaging the surface of the sign. It is especially suited for safe and effective use on reflective-coated signs.

Metal Saver

Graffiti Remover Metal Saver Product Bottle

A strong and fast acting, biodegradable liquid remover for use on exterior and interior surfaces.

Landa Graffiti Remover—Metal Saver effectively and safely penetrates and loosens graffiti on metal surfaces, and some plastic surfaces, for easy removal.


Tagaway Graffiti Remover 5 Gallon Bottle

This biodegradable liquid graffiti remover removes markings caused by latex or enamel paint sprays, laquers, permanent marker inks, and adhesives. Tagaway removes graffiti from painted and smooth surfaces and will not harm most plastics. It is safe, fast, and effective even in below freezing temperatures.


Taginator Graffiti Removal Five Gallon Bottle

This biodegradable graffiti remover quickly dissolves graffiti from masonry surfaces while also allowing for easy rinsing. Taginator will easily remove multi-layered graffiti or graffiti that has been painted over!

Wet® Cleaners For Use With Parts Washers

Nat-50-S – Non Foaming Detergent

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A detergent specifically designed for use in mild steel jet washers. This non-foaming detergent is safe on most surfaces and is an excellent rust inhibitor!

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