At Washing Equipment of Texas, we carry a number of top-quality Washworld car washes to help please your customers and grow your business. Those that are established in the car wash industry are familiar with the Washworld name. Washworld is known for making the most efficient and innovative car wash systems on the market. Learn more about our selection of Washworld car washes below. 

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Profile Soft-Touch Car Wash

The moment your customers enter the Profile wash bay, they’ll notice that there’s something different about this car wash. With a wall-mounted system, the Profile features an inviting and wide open wash bay, as well as media covers with graphics and LED lighting of your choice that creates a unique look. As with all Washworld systems, the Profile is built to be durable, simple to use, and require minimal maintenance. 

  • Digital Surface Profile: Utilize 3D images to adjust the Profile Soft-touch car wash to adjust for various vehicle sizes or surface types, delivering a wash that reaches every angle. 
  • VS2 Vehicle Sizing System: Washworld’s Vehicle Sizing System (VS2) utilizes advanced software and photo eye technology to provide a safe & reliable method of positioning the vehicle in the wash bay. 
  • Flex Pass: Washworld’s Flex Pass application system allows two product applications to be used on the vehicle within a single pass.
  • Washview: Control the Profile Soft-Touch Car Wash with the Washview on site. This touch screen control panel includes things like programming, maintenance, diagnostics and wash counts. 

Razor Touch-Free Car Wash

The Washworld Razor is an innovative, touch-free, automatic in-bay car wash that has transformed the touch-free car wash market. Like the rest of Washworld’s catalog, the Razor is built to last, featuring corrosion-resistant stainless steel that can withstand just about any condition in any climate. Washworld’s Razor is one of the reasons that Washworld is known as the leading manufacturer of car washes in the US. 

  • Spray Arch Detailing: The Washworld spray arch turns to clean and rinse side mirrors. This blue polyethylene arch cover is eye-catching to customers, while providing unmatched spray coverage. 
  • Visorclean: Razor’s stainless steel v-jet nozzles are positioned on the spray arch to clean the hardest to reach places. From the smooth radial wash motion to the innovative spray nozzles, the Razor’s visor clean ensures complete vehicle coverage. 
  • Virtual Attendant: With the patented Virtual attendant, the Razor is able to navigate and maneuver around obstacles like wide mirrors, bike racks, and trailer hitches that often stop operation of other car washes. The virtual attendant automatically compensates for anything that’s in the way, allowing the wash to be complete with no downtime or attendant necessary. 

Razor XR-7 Touch-Free Car Wash

The Razor XR-7 has all of the best features of the Razor but at a lower price point. Enjoy the durable construction and features of the Razor while keeping costs down and revenue up. Customize your wash packages to provide your customers with exactly what they’re looking for. Learn more about the features of the XR-7 Touch-Free Car Wash below. 

  • Virtual Attendant: The Razor XR-7 also features the patented Virtual Attendant. This allows the Razor XR-7 to navigate and maneuver around obstacles like wide mirrors, bike racks, and trailer hitches that often stop operation of other car washes. Complete your washes with no down-time or attendant required thanks to the Virtual Attendant. 
  • Spray Arch Detailing: The Washworld Spray arch turns to clean windows and rinse side mirrors of the vehicle. Enjoy the cutting-edge spray arch cover from the Razor with the lower-cost Razor XR-7. 
  • Reduced Maintenance: With the sealed gear boxes of the Razor XR-7, the need for oil changes is eliminated. Additionally, reduced weight and less motion results in less wear and tear. Constructed with the highest quality components, you can trust that your Razor XR-7 will remain operational with minimal downtime for maintenance. 

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