Washing Equipment of Texas partners with Tornador to provide the best in high-quality accessories for car detailing. Instead of adapting pre-existing tools to fit the needs of a car, Tornador tools are made for the detailer. Get into the hardest spots with these car detailing supplies and make sure the job gets done right.

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Z-010 Tornador

The Tornador Z-010 is a versatile tool used primarily for detailing vehicles. It is used in conjunction with an air compressor to blast cleaning solution into areas that you can’t reach by hand. The Tornador Z-010 also uses compressed air to immediately dry the target area, leaving those tough-to-reach areas of cars or trucks spotless. This wet / dry cleaning technology makes detailing easier than ever.

The Tornador Z-010 is ideal for detailing vents, between seats, dashboards, fabric upholstery, floor mats, steering wheels and more. This multipurpose tool will save you time and energy, as it does the hard work for you. No scrubbing necessary with the Z-010, just spray on and watch the dirt melt away!


car detailing tool

Z-011 Tornador Foam Gun

The Tornador Z-011 Foam gun attaches to an air compressor to produce a “blizzard of thick long-lasting foam” that will cling to vehicle surfaces and make cleaning a breeze. The Z-011 works by mixing your standard auto soap or carpet shampoo with between 60-90 psi of air pressure to create a thick foam that can be sprayed onto carpets, car exteriors, tires, and more. The foam will cling to the vehicle’s surfaces and will not run like a typical auto soap applied by hand. Wide nozzle and narrow nozzle adapters ensure that you can control the foam stream and clean any surface that may need attention.


car detailing tool

Z-014 Tornador Air Blow Out Gun

The Tornador Z-014 is a simple yet powerful air gun detailing tool used to blast dirt and dust out of small areas, as well as to blow dry moisture from vehicle interiors and exteriors. The Z-014 attaches to a standard air compressor to offer a powerful tool that should be found in every detailing company’s arsenal.


car detailing tool

Z-020 Tornador Black

The Tornador Z-020 is the next generation of detailing equipment from the Tornador company. Now with twice the power of the original Z-010 model, the Z-020 features a new rotational technology providing a stronger cleaning experience. In addition, Tornador has made improvements to the acoustics of the Z-020, creating a quieter machine that uses less air during the cleaning process. This stronger and more efficient model is ideal for high volume detailers who are looking for the strongest detailing equipment available.


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