Save Money And Protect The Environment With WET Wash Water Recycling Systems.

AT WET, we offer our clients 80+ years of combined experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of wash water recycling systems— And it shows.

The problem that WET helps to solve is what to do with excess water runoff from washing equipment like pressure washers and car washes.

The solution is recycling and pre-treatment.

At WET, we design water reclamation systems that separate, treat, and filter oils, solids, and trace amounts of chemicals, leaving water clean enough to reuse through your cleaning equipment.

We work hard to help our clients leave a smaller footprint. Environmental regulating agencies recognize our ability to design and build “green” wash facilities. These facilities come with our coveted “Green Earth” certificate, which our customers proudly display to show their commitment to environmental health and job safety.

Watermaze ec2-20a blue water recycler

Watermaze EC2-20A: Electro-coagulation (EC+) Water Treatment System

An advanced water reclaim system designed to treat wash water with suspended heavy metals, suspended solids, and emulsified oils.

  • Efficient design means no standing water after processing
  • Quickly processes and discharges water
  • Fully enclosed system with locking front doors
  • Automatic chemical injection system
  • Voltage that maximizes water quality and cell life.
Watermaze CoAg2-20A blue water recycler

Watermaze CoAg2-20A: Chemical Water Treatment System

A simple, easy to use water reclamation system that combines chemical coagulation and chemical flocculation technologies. This setup is ideal for treating wash water with suspended solids and emulsified oils.

  • Heavy duty, skid mounted steel design
  • Durable body protected with 2-part epoxy finish
  • Chemical containers featuring low level sensors
  • Customizable with additional options and add-ons
Watermaze Compact Coag black water recycler

COmpACT COAg: Cost-Effective Chemical Water Treatment System

A new product by Watermaze designed to work in tandem with existing water treatment systems suffering from excess suspended solids.

  • Fully customizable with multiple injection ports
  • Can act as a pretreatment application for almost any washing system, not just Watermaze
  • Affordable and compact, ideal for lower volume needs
  • Utilizes Coag+, a special coagulant formulated to treat suspended contaminants
Watermaze WB black water recycler

WB High-Efficiency Wastewater Evaporator

With a 96% efficiency rate, the WaterMaze WB High Efficiency Wastewater Evaporator is one of the best evaporators on the market. Featuring top-of-the-line immersion tube jet burner components, with a solid-state flame control monitor, the WB evaporators are capable of creating temperatures of up to 2000°F, releasing hot flue gases directly into the water.

  • Heat-resistant, heavy-duty stainless steel sparger tube with unique air distribution system.
  • Nema 4 electrical box with operational controls as well as troubleshooting indicator lights.
  • Auto purge, auto start/stop and auto fill come standard.
  • Stainless steel steam de-mister box.
  • Foam suppression system and easy-to-access sludge disposal valve.

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