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Meguiar’s is one of the biggest names in car cleaning supplies. They work tirelessly to provide solutions for everyday car needs. Whether it’s a semi-truck or a Smart car, no job is too big or small for Meguiar’s cleaning products. Washing Equipment of Texas is proud to partner with Meguiar’s and pass on the excellence to you.

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Washes & Cleaners

Meguiar’s cleaners and washers offer the best solutions to get your car nice and clean. They use specially created formulas in their car wash shampoos, car wash soaps, and degreasers, giving your vehicle the extra shine it can’t get anywhere else. Look inside and find out what’s best for your vehicle now.

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If you need a rich shine that will really work on your rubber and plastic, Meguiar’s dressing will do the trick. Their dressing is specially crafted for interior and exterior surfaces. This gives your cleaning options the versatility they need to really make a difference. WET’s stock of dressing products lets you to leave a lasting mark on dirt and grime.

Two containers of car paint glaze

Paint Care

When you need the best preservation for your car’s paint job, don’t settle for less. Meguiar’s Paint Care products are designed to make your paint look like it was just applied. Look through the choices available and let WET help you decide which one is right for your car.

car detailing tools and accessories

Tools & Accessories

When your car needs just a little touch-up, use Meguiar’s specially crafted tools and accessories. Meguiar has created the ultimate product to get each and every inch of your car looking pristine. Take your car’s look to the next level and get WET’s full list of fine car products ready for you.

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Interior Maintenance

Washing Equipment of Texas and Meguiar have provided a line of interior maintenance products designed to keep your car in great condition. Our full list of products below are custom designed to give you the results you need. Contact our WET Interior Maintenance team if you have questions about any of our products.

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