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Industrial Pressure Washers, Truck Washes, and Floor Scrubbers for San Antonio

front lawn of the alamoWashing Equipment of Texas calls San Antonio the home of our national headquarters. We’ve been providing washing systems in the Lone Star State since 1988, and we’re happy to be living and working in Alamo City.

Our flagship location can be found on the IH10 frontage road near the Grande Truck Center. At this location, we sell a large selection of cleaning equipment and also do repairs on a wide variety of industrial washing products. We have expert technicians trained to repair any brand of power washer and other washing equipment in San Antonio. We are also available to go out on service calls and come to you, should your equipment need repair at your home or business.

WET San Antonio also carries some of the best rental washing equipment available for any project large or small. Our top of the line rental equipment is maintained by our expert service technicians so that you know you are getting the best washing equipment rentals in San Antonio.


About Our San Antonio Washing Equipment Services 

Pressure Washer Repair in San Antonio, TX 

At WET, Ltd., our team of professional pressure washer repair professionals is ready to get to work on your pressure washer. There’s no better way to guarantee satisfactory pressure washer repair in San Antonio, TX than going to WET, Ltd. At WET, our team has years of experience performing pressure washer repair in San Antonio, TX for a variety of different brands and models. Looking to repair your pressure washer? Call WET, Ltd. 

Pressure Washer Rental in San Antonio, TX 

Purchasing a pressure washer isn’t always necessary, especially in one-off situations. That’s why we offer pressure washer rental in San Antonio, TX to help you get your next job done quicker and more efficiently. We rent out all of the pressure washers we offer for sale, so you can use them for one or two days or throughout your entire project. For affordable pressure washer rental in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas, trust the professionals at WET, Ltd. 

Commercial Cleaning Supplies in San Antonio, TX 

Commercial cleaning supplies in San Antonio, TX can be purchased from the washing equipment specialists at WET, Ltd. No matter what kind of commercial cleaning supplies you’re looking for, from soaps and detergents to waxes and more, WET, Ltd. has the widest selection of commercial cleaning supplies in the San Antonio area. If you’ve been looking for a new supplier for your commercial cleaning supplies, you can rest easy knowing that WET, Ltd. has got you covered at an affordable price.

Floor Scrubber Rentals in San Antonio, TX 

Washing Equipment of Texas offers sales and floor scrubber rentals in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas. We offer one of the widest selections of floor scrubbers in the Central Texas area, from some of the industry’s most trusted brands, including FactoryCat, Advance, Tornado, and more. Whether you’re looking to purchase a floor scrubbing machine for use on a regular basis, or need to rent a floor scrubber in San Antonio for a one-time occasion, Washing Equipment of Texas has you covered.

San Antonio Washing Equipment For ALL Your Cleaning Needs

At Washing Equipment of Texas – San Antonio, we are best known as a supplier of pressure washers, but we also provide a large selection of industrial cleaning equipment including:

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Our San Antonio pressure washers, floor scrubbers, and truck wash systems are built to last. All of our washing equipment is made with industrial-grade parts in factories certified to internationally approved standards of quality.


Whether it’s dirt, mud, or other debris, our wasing equipment makes it easy to remove. Our San Antonio pressure washers are designed for the demanding requirements of industrial cleaning, with cleaning power of up to 5000 PSI.


Our industrial cleaning equipment provides you with unparalleled control. With the most advanced safety features on the market, like wireless remote controls, you can safely control your washing equipment from up to 300 feet away.

Our Best Sellers

You can count on WET San Antonio to be there for you.

We’ve got you covered every step of the way. Unlike most large department stores, we offer full service. This means we’ll help with installation, maintenance, water treatment, and more. At WET San Antonio, we’re here when you need us. Give us a call for all things pressure washers, industrial cleaning equipment, flat surface cleaners, and more.

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Pressure Washer FAQ’s

Contact the team at Washing Equipment of Texas and we’ll walk you through the different pressure washer options available to best suit your needs. As a rule of thumb, hot water pressure washers are typically reserved for commercial and industrial uses. 

Hot water pressure washers take advantage of heat to remove grime, dirt, and stains soaked into the surface. Cold water pressure washers use only pressure to clean and wash surfaces. Hot pressure washers tend to work better as the added heat is able to dissolve stains while also blasting them away with pressure. 

Pressure washers almost never damage properties in any way when used correctly. When used at full strength, pressure washers may have the ability to damage windows or strip paint. Using pressure washers at full strength on a window or a painted surface would be an example of using the equipment under incorrect supervision or instruction. 

If you’ll need to use a pressure washer more than 2 or 3 times a year then it will likely be more affordable to purchase one. If you only need to use a pressure washer here and there, then renting may be the best option for you. 

If one of your pressure washer hoses has been punctured, you should replace the hose entirely. Using a damaged or otherwise non-intact pressure washer hose can be a dangerous situation that should always be avoided. If the hose has excessive wear or the wire braids are exposed, we recommend you replace the hose entirely before using the pressure washer. 

Once you’re done using your pressure washer, make sure that it can dry properly so it doesn’t start to grow mildew or mold. You should disconnect all of the tubes and hoses from your machine, empty them of any and all liquids, and thoroughly wipe down the unit with a dry towel. Then, store your pressure washer in a place where it can dry properly, ready for use the next time you need it. 

Floor Scrubber and Floor Sweeper FAQs 

Floor scrubbers typically use both water and detergent to clean the floors, offering a more efficient solution to mopping. Alternatively, floor sweepers use brushes to dry-sweep floors, removing debris and dirt. There are several combination machines that can be used for both sweeping and mopping, either at different times or at once. 

If there’s only a light amount of dust on the floor you’re cleaning, your scrubber will be able to handle it. But, if there’s a large amount of debris or excessive dirt, performing a quick sweep first is a good idea. 

Modern floor scrubbers typically have the capability to be used both with or without detergent. Floor scrubbers tend to be more effective with the use of detergent. Using detergents to clean floors is similar to doing the dishes or washing laundry — what’s the point without using soap? 

Maintenance needs for your floor sweeper or scrubber are dictated by how often you use the machine. There are a few checks you should make before and after each use, including: checking the batteries, drains, and hoses before use, and rinsing, cleaning, and drying tanks and squeegees after use. 

Equipment Rental FAQs 

Washing Equipment of Texas offers a wide variety of cleaning equipment rentals in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Hot and cold water pressure washers, pressure washer accessories, floor scrubbers and sweepers, and more — WET has the equipment you need to get the job done. Learn more about what equipment we have available for rent in San Antonio when you contact us online or over the phone today. 

WET carries a wide range of pressure washer brands for rent in San Antonio. Our pressure washer rentals include brands like AaLadin, Landa, and our very own Washing Equipment of Texas pressure washers. On the other hand, we carry floor scrubbers and sweepers from brands like Karcher, Tornado, Advance, and FactoryCat. Go with some of the most trusted brands in the cleaning equipment industry when you choose equipment rentals from Washing Equipment of Texas. 

Modern floor scrubbers typically have the capability to be used both with or without detergent. Floor scrubbers tend to be more effective with the use of detergent. Using detergents to clean floors is similar to doing the dishes or washing laundry — what’s the point without using soap? 

Our cleaning equipment rentals are typically used in the cleaning of construction job sites, commercial building windows, and stripping of rust or paint from tanks and other industrial equipment. Anytime you need some extra power behind your next cleaning job, equipment rentals from Washing Equipment of Texas can get it done.