In order for your mining and drilling equipment to run well, you have to keep it maintained. Washing Equipment of Texas offers many options to keep your tools operating and keeps the oil flowing.

Water Equipment of Texas’s cleaners can handle any kind of tank cleaning. From mud tanks to frac tanks, sludge tanks to just general fuel tank cleaning, Water Equipment of Texas offers a multitude of options, from manual pressure washers to automatic cleaners that can be stationed inside the tanks.

dirty fuel tanks

Gamajet® Industrial Tank Cleaning Equipment

Also, Water Equipment of Texas is a certified Gamajet® distributor. Gamajet® brand waterjet tank cleaning systems are perpetual work machines, cleaning your tanks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No workers would be needed for any confined space entry. Instead, Gamajet® cleaners and their rotary impingement technology clean the inside of your tanks automatically. Traditional ball cleaners or other standard washing techniques offer a smaller window of clean and waste water. Gamajet® gets a complete 360º of cleaning coverage and also takes 30 minutes or less. Now, a tank cleaning job can be done with no manpower, leaving more people for the jobs you need done.