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You can depend on WET's 24/7 pressure washer repair service and continuing maintenance program to keep your cleaning systems running efficiently. With the largest parts inventory in the Southwest, we're able to repair almost any brand of pressure washing equipment.

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Our Repair Process


We Inspect Your Washing Equipment

WET technicians have a full checklist to make sure your equipment is taken care of thoroughly. This includes a thorough visual inspection, both inside and out.


We Provide Back-up Washing Equipment

If you bought from us, WET provides back-up equipment free of charge for you to use during your pressure washer repair. If you bought elsewhere, we have similar models you can rent.


We Repair Your Washing Equipment

After inspecting your equipment, our certified technicians replace any broken parts and perform our 39-point inspection to make sure your pressure washer is back up and running.


We Return Your Washing Equipment

Once the repairs are completed, we will give you a call to come and get your machine. When you pick up the unit, we will run the machine for you to make sure everything is up to your liking!

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What is the W.E.T. Difference?


A proven, local dealer, WET is headquartered in San Antonio and serves Central and South Texas as well as New Mexico. Our family-owned operation takes pride in helping Texans fix their pressure washers. We’re also a member of the San Antonio Manufacturers’ Association.


WET has been a top name in the pressure washing equipment business for over 31 years. Our technicians and installers are all factory-trained and certified, bringing a combined 140+ years of experience to the job.


While most washing equipment companies say they’re full-service, at WET, we can help you with all of your washing equipment needs. Whether you’re looking to buy, rent, or repair, not only can we help, but we’ll even come to you to save you time and effort.


Every second counts when you’re running an industrial-sized operation. WET has the largest inventory of parts in South Texas. This means we can repair your washing equipment as fast as possible, so your business doesn’t miss a step. We even offer 24/7 pressure washer repair service.

Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Joe Nehr - Service ManagerBefore we can determine the root cause of your pressure washer breaking, make sure you’ve gone through troubleshooting steps. Going through these steps help simplify the problem and make it easier to repair.

The troubleshooting steps involve:

  1. Throttle your pressure washer engine to full
  2. Making sure all pressure modes operate, including high
  3. Clearing all openings of debris
  4. Making sure there is oil in the pressure washer pump

If you’ve gone through these steps and your pressure washer is still malfunctioning, then WET will need to assess the situation. If we see there is broken equipment, we may have to install replacement parts within the washer.

Pressure washers parts break for a lot of reasons. Most often, it’s simple wear and tear. When youa re dealing with high speed water along with hundreds of other variables, equipment is bound to break down. If your washer suddenly has low water pressure, low engine speed, and you’ve done troubleshooting on it, don’t worry. We can help.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The best company ever! Customer Service at its best! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!
Troy T.

“WET is my new favorite place to get replacement parts for my pressure washers. Gino and David went above and beyond to help get my equipment back up and running.  Great service!!! Thanks guys.”

-Ben D.

“Just picked up some replacement parts for a washer and received excellent service. Thank you David and Geno for the smooth transaction!”

-Mark P.


You Can Count on WET
Repairs and Maintenance

You can depend on our expertise for pressure washer repairs and maintenance. WET provides you with more than just equipment repairs. Protect your valuable investment with our Mundo Verde system care program. We also offer regular preventive maintenance for all your cleaning equipment. At WET, we sell the best and service the rest.



Don’t wait until your power washing equipment breaks down. Contact us today to learn about our preventative maintenance programs.

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