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Landa ENG

Compact, Natural Gas or LP-Heated Hot Water Pressure Washer

The ENG, with its fuel-efficient burner and vertical hot water coil, is the most compact natural gas hot water pressure washer on the market today.

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  • Up to 9.5 GPM; Up to 3200 PSI
  • Rugged Belt-Driven Landa Pump with 7-year Warranty
  • Remote Options
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Natural Gas and LP Models

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COMPACT: The ENG is only 49-inches long, 24-inches wide, and stands 48-inches high – an amazingly small footprint or all of the features and quality it possesses. For cleaning applications that require more water flow, larger ENG units are available.

INNOVATION: Landa’s patented Cool-Bypass* system keeps water temperature low while in bypass, extending the life of the pump. Landa’s new Tru-Tite belt tensioning system uses a spring-loaded idler arm to keep the belt aligned and tensioned, and it creates less wear and tear on the belt. The new Fielder’s Choice system allows the user to move the inlet/outlet connections from one side to the other, making installation easier than ever before.

QUALITY: The ENG boasts many of the industrial-grade components and safety features that have set apart Landa pressure washers as the most dependable and safe in the industry. For instance, the ENG burner comes with standard electronic ignition on all models. The heat is retained in Landa’s carefully crafted heating coils made of leak-free, cold-rolled, 1/2-inch Schedule 80 steel pipe.

  • Cast-iron, bushed-bore Pulleys mean long life and easy maintenance on the high-pressure pump
  • Rugged Steel Frame painted with a polyester powder-coat finish for all-weather protection
  • Many Safety Features, including a rupture disk to prevent the build-up of excessive pressures or heat
  • High-efficiency Burner has Electronic Ignition standard on all models, eliminating the hassle of having to constantly light the pilot flame
  • Rust-free, polyethylene Float Tank with stainless steel inlet filter and low-turbulence diaphragm float valve allows for high pressure application of detergent
  • During installation, Fielder’s Choice allows inlet and outlet connections to be located on either end or rear of the machine


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