Kodiak K25

Extra Large Walk-behind Scrubber

Our maximum capacity and run time built with tough daily use and productivity in mind. Retains manageable footprint with excellent lines of sight for all operators.

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  • Up to 128,000 sqft Per Charge
  • 25 / 26 Gallons
  • 24 – 32 inch decks

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Extra Large Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Clean for extended hours with the K25 high-performance Battery Floor Scrubber. This floor scrubber is equipped with large tanks for large area cleaning. Take control of your facility cleaning and provide consistent results for years. The K25 is designed around a steel frame to ensure durability while being budget friendly. The scrub brushes are installed and removed without tools to allow ease when switching between application’s needs. Premium performance with your budget in mind.

Tank Capacity: Sol: 25gal | Rec:26gal
Cleaning Path: 28 – 32in
Run Time: Up to 4 hours

Deck Choices


  • Brush/ Pad Selection
  • Lowest Maintenance Cost
  • Improved Cleaning on Irregular Floors
  • Brushes Individually Driven for Unmatched Performance


  • Ideal for Grouted Tile Floors
  • Compact for Maneuverability
  • Single Brush Simplicity
  • Suitable for Rubber Athletic Floors


  • Restore Dull Epoxy
  • Reduce Slip & Fall Potential
  • 70% Reduction in Water Usage
  • Consistent Results – No Swirl Marks
  • VCT Prep & Recoat


  • Eliminates Dust Mopping
  • Scrub & Sweep Simultaneously
  • Superior Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Excellent on Rubber Surfaces
  • Great for Warehouse Debris



Drain Savers & Deluxe Fill Options

Conveniently fill the floor scrubber fresh water tank from any standard faucet with the 60 inch retractable hose.

WET / AGM Battery Options

Choose between a variety of battery options for optimal run and charge times based on the application and needs.

Onboard Charger

Charge anywhere in the facility with a plug and forget charger. LED Indicator lights shows state of charge and historic charge cycle data can be downloaded for review.

Squeegee Blade Variations

Different applications require different squeegee material to get the job done.

  • Gum Rubber
  • Urethane
  • Linatex®



Car dealerships often need to clean delicate showrooms as well as high traffic service areas. Our cleaning equipment has excellent visibility for the operator, rubber bumpers and a heavy duty build to operate around car lifts. Our simple controls and off the shelf marine duty switches allow for multiple operators and simple repairs.


Our cylindrical scrubbers are popular with warehouse, logistics and distribution centers due to their ability to wet sweep up small items as they scrub the dusty floors. A single machine making a single pass is convenient and easy to operate over small wood pallet chips, nails, dirt and other common debris.

Food & Beverage

Companies that produce, package or distribute food and beverage products have a high standard for cleanliness. Our designs are ideal for daily use and have many hand tools available for off aisle cleaning. The recovery tanks have clean-out ports for easy disposal and cleanup of the dirty water.


As a manufacturer ourselves, our company has a good understanding of the unique needs from companies that produce products. Cutting, bending, welding, grinding, and painting metals can generate a regular need to clean. Our equipment quickly cleans up the aftermath of processing a variety of materials like steel, plastics, wood and more.


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