A deluxe tunnel wash, the Belanger Signature® Series offers many of Belanger’s top-of-the-line options.

Operators have the choice between electric or hydraulic drive technology, with each offering benefits based on your needs. The electric drive option with Integra® controller offers one-button control over the entire line. Soft starts mean staggered equipment startup, reducing peak electrical loads and lowering your cost of operation. And with complete control over the entire wash line, you can increase throughput based on customer demand, while still maintaining the same high quality of performance. Alternatively, the hydraulic-drive option may be more familiar to you as an operator. Each hydraulic motor runs on a straight-forward fluid circuit, and they are easy for operators and car wash staff to adjust and maintain when necessary.

Additional options include:

  • Upgrade to six bold powder-coated extrusion colors
  • Seven vibrant color options for accent filter strips
  • Six vivid wash media color options
Belanger Signature Series Color Extrusions
Belanger Signature Series Color Filter Strips

With the Signature Series, Belanger has delivered tunnel equipment that looks as good as it performs. Our Signature Series helps create the light and airy feeling that our customers love. With our end-to-end-skylights, it’s the best-looking wash under the sun. Now we’re washing double the cars we used to!

And with the all-electric drive, VFDs and Integra smart controller, we’ve gained easy one-button control over the entire wash. Now we can speed and slow the conveyor and equipment together when needed, gaining throughput for peak production while preserving wash quality.

– Dave Skoglund, Skogie’s Auto Spa

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