WET Intimidator 3530YE

Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Intimidator is designed for the tough jobs. Five gallons per minute at 3,000-psi is delivered by a General model 1511 pump with a BIG secret weapon!

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  • 5-gpm @ 3000-psi
  • 16-hp B&S Vanguard ES engine
  • General 1511 pump
  • Belt-driven
  • Clutch pump control

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The Intimidator has a clutch on the pump pulley that allows the pump to completely stop immediately after the trigger is released. This means that there is no heat buildup. Heat is the root cause of most pump failures.

Other pressure washers recirculate the bypass water through the pump again and again. Each time through the pump the water temperatures increase dramatically until they reach the critical temperature of 145 F in less than a minute.

Since the pump is not turning the engine is under no load. Engine/Pump life and endurance are increased! Clutch Control with lots of Stainless Steel, the best fuel filtration, a rugged 1-¼” square tubing frame, and industrial components make the Intimidator inexpensive to own and a pleasure to use.


  • 5-gpm @ 3000-psi
  • 16-hp B&S Vanguard ES engine
  • General 1511 pump
  • Belt-driven
  • Clutch pump control
  • SS heat shield
  • 50’ hi-pressure hose
  • SS Variable pressure wand & trigger gun
  • 7.4–gallon gasoline tank
  • 7.4-gallon diesel tank
  • 12-volt burner
  • Downstream soap injection
  • Racor fuel/water filter
  • 384,000 BTUh
  • 39”L x 26”W x 42”H
  • 750 lbs

WET offers a wide variety of industrial
cleaning compounds:

  • Degreasers
  • Vehicle wash
  • Floor cleaning detergents
  • Automatic parts washer detergents
  • Aluminum brighteners
  • Defoamers
  • Detergents especially formulated for wash water recycling systems

WET offers preventive maintenance programs for high volume detergent customers saving delivery fees, reduced labor charges, and even parts discounts in return for their business WET offers detergents in bulk volume where we provide the 300-gallon storage tank:

  • No (55) gallon drums
  • Bulk volume pricing
  • Industrial strength concentrates

WET supplies their customers using the bulk detergent program with a free loaner pressure washer when their machine is down.



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