WET 5035

Trailer or Truck Mounted, Ideal for Cleaning on the Go

The WET Skid brings hot water cleaning to remote locations. An affordable gas powered, diesel heated skid featuring a industrial-grade, high-pressure pump, hour meter, thermostatic burner control and a stainless-steel top-wrap. Certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

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  • A belt drive tri-plex pump with a 7-year warranty.
  • An electric start engine with a choice of a 4-year limited warranty WET engine or a 2-year limited warranty Vanguard engine.
  • Thermostatic burner control.
  • 10-gallon gas and diesel tanks.
  • Stainless-steel coil wrap.
  • An hour meter.

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Durability and Reliability

With a belt drive tri-plex pump backed by a 7-year warranty and options for engines with up to a 4-year limited warranty, WET pressure washers stand out for their exceptional durability and reliability. Invest in WET pressure washers for long-lasting performance that’s guaranteed, ensuring your operations never face unnecessary downtime.

High-Performance and Ease of Use

Featuring electric start engines and thermostatic burner control, WET pressure washers combine high-efficiency cleaning with user-friendly operation. Choose WET pressure washers for powerful, consistent cleaning results and simplified operation, making every job easier and more effective.

Belt Drive Tri-plex Pump

The heart of WET pressure washers is their belt drive tri-plex pump, providing unmatched durability with a 7-year warranty for worry-free operation in the most demanding environments.

Electric Start Engine

Start your cleaning tasks without hassle using WET’s electric start engine, available with up to a 4-year limited warranty for reliable performance that jumpstarts your productivity.

Thermostatic Burner Control

Achieve optimal cleaning temperatures faster and maintain them with ease, thanks to the thermostatic burner control, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness on every job.

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