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Landa SEA

Stationary, Electric-Powered, Cold Water Pressure Washer

The SEA is the absolute top-of-the-line stationary, cold water pressure washer on the market today. The 11 models feature LANDA belt-drive pumps and are ideal for indoor cleaning applications, from food processing to warehouse cleaning. Now available with optional LanCom wireless remote

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  • Up to 4.2 GPM, 3000 PSI
  • LanCom Wireless Remote Control Option
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Time-Delay Shutdown
  • Accepts Hot Water Up to 175°F

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Only the highest quality components are found in the SEA, including the LANDA tri-plunger high pressure pump with 7-year warranty, stainless steel cabinet riding on four vibration-absorbing feet and stainless steel variable pressure wand for maximum cleaning flexibility. Also, the SEA is assembled in a factory certified to the internationally recognized ISO-9001 quality standards.


The SEA also is certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards making it very safe to operate thanks to its magnetic contactor switch with thermal overload protection, time-delay shutdown, 24-inch hose guard for burst protection, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter on all single-phase models, and tri-lingual operating instructions.

  • Industrial-duty 5 to 13 HP Gasoline-Powered Honda or Subaru Engine with 3-year warranty, overhead valves and easy access oil drain line.
  • Illustrated Labels with universal graphics and symbols make operating instructions and warnings easy to understand for operator convenience and owner liability protection.
  • Insulated, fatigue-free, spring-loaded Trigger Gun with two-piece, easy-grip Spray Wand make for easy point-and-shoot cleaning action.
  • Industrial-grade, direct-drive Landa High-Pressure Pump (on models of 2400 PSI or more) has a triplex, forged brass head with a seven-year warranty and E-Z Start Valve for resistance free pull starting of the 9 HP and 13
  • There are many Safety Features, including a thermal pump protector to prevent the build up of excessive pressures or heat.
  • Rugged 10-gauge steel Chassis is protected by an all-weather, epoxy powder coat finish.
  • 50 ft. of steel-wire braid High Pressure Hose with 24-inch Hose Guard for burst protection and swivel Crimp Fitting for tangle-free handling of hose and trigger gun (25 ft. hose on 5 HP model)
  • Two Rubber Pad Feet absorb vibration for long life and to keep the unit from “walking.”
  • Four quick-couple Nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel and color-coded for easy selection of spray pattern: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°.
  • 11 /4-inch Chrome Handles on front and back make for easy loading and unloading the pressure washer in a vehicle.
  • 10 in. 2-ply, tubed Pneumatic Tires make for easy maneuvering in any terrain.
  • Easy-to-attach detergent Injector and soap nozzle for easy application of detergents
  • Convenient Hose and Gun Hanger makes for easy storage of hose and trigger gun.


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