47 Series

The 47-1028GLDD-C is a robust, self-contained hot water pressure washer featuring a 24.8 HP Kubota engine, dual fuel-efficient combustion chambers, and a durable automotive-quality powder-coated frame for heavy-duty cleaning applications.

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  • Clutch Pump System
  • 10 GPM 2800 PSI
  • Gas/Diesel Driven, Stationary NG/LP Fired Pressure Washer
  • AaLadin Exclusive Features
  • Fully Equipped Series
  • Two independent pumps with the ability to operate separately

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The 47-1028GLDD-C is constructed with an ASTM A53 Schedule 80 steel heating coil, high-efficiency Beckett pressure atomized burners, and a shock-absorbing engine base, ensuring superior performance and durability, while its heavy-duty insulated cabinet frame and powder-coated side panels provide maintenance-free, long-lasting protection.


Equipped with dual adjustable temperature controls, dual gun outlets, and a downstream chemical injection system, this pressure washer offers precise temperature control, convenient operation, and adaptability to various cleaning tasks, making it ideal for industrial and commercial use.

High Performance

Delivers 10 GPM at 2800 PSI with a 24.8 HP Kubota engine and dual horizontal fuel-efficient combustion chambers providing 860,000 BTU.

Durable Construction

Built with an automotive-quality powder-coated frame, heavy-duty insulated cabinet frame, and ASTM A53 Schedule 80 steel heating coil for long-lasting durability.

Advanced Control Systems

Features a recessed control panel, diagnostic controls, dual adjustable temperature controls, and an amp meter for ease of use and precise operation.

Efficient Operation

Equipped with high-efficiency Beckett pressure atomized burners, automatic electric burner ignition, and a generator enabling the use of a 110V burner to conserve fuel and reduce costs.

Safety and Maintenance

Includes dual pressure relief valves, thermal pump protection, a plastic battery box, and water separating fuel filters to prevent over-pressurization, protect components, and simplify maintenance.

Convenient Design

Features removable access panels, dual gun outlets, quick-couple stainless steel nozzles, and forklift pockets for easy servicing, accessibility, and safe movement.

Extended Operation

The extra-large 40-gallon steel fuel tank ensures longer operation duration, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

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