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Air Compressor Buying Guide

Starting a new project? How can a new air compressor help you speed up your project?

Air compressors can clean, paint, and power tools you need to use. While they are versatile, not all compressors perform the same function.

Before you shop, rent, or buy, ask these questions.

What Do You Look for in a Pressure Washer?

Getting the right machine for the right job can be challenging. There are many variables that can affect your final choice. Additionally, if you are looking for something brand new, you may not know what you need. Any indecisiveness on your part can breed anxiety. All of this applies to pressure washer shopping, too. Pressure…

New WET Office in Laredo!

Washing Equipment of Texas, Inc. is proud to announce that we have opened another office in Laredo, Texas! We are excited to bring our business to this beautiful, historic city and become a source of quality pressure washers in Laredo. We will continue to do what we do best at our new location: sell, rent,…

Pressure Washer Maintenance Tips

A pressure washer is a major investment, so understandably you want to get the most longevity out of yours. The best way to ensure your washer lasts as long as it should is by taking proper care of it. Pressure washer maintenance is not complicated, but it does make a huge difference. The following tips…