Belanger Saber® SL2

Automatic Touchless Belanger Car Wash

The Belanger Saber® SL2 is a true “Wash-and-Dry Ready” touchless car wash with industry-leading price/value ratio. Standard features include two-step presoaks, triple foam, two wax applications, and the DuoDry™ system that offers on-board and drive-thru drying on the same machine and even during the same wash cycle. With dual wash arms that allow for simultaneous chemical application and medium pressure rinsing, the Saber® SL2 has highly visible efficiency. And customers will find the wash easy to use because of the standard LED Navigation System™ that features a fast and easy color-coded lighting system to assist them.

In addition to these features, the Touchless Belanger Car Washes design includes functional traits that increase its longevity and reduce maintenance costs. Overhead rails keep motors and gears out of the path of dirt and ice, and its “no grease points” design delivers an uptime of 99% or more. In the event of an accidental vehicle strike, the Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms will respond without operator intervention. With just two motors and three moving parts, the Saber® SL2 is built to keep running.

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Belanger saber touchless car wash

Additional profit producing options include:

  • SideKick® Dryers
  • Undercarriage Blaster
  • Rocker Spin Cleans
  • Bug Spray Applicator
  • Branding Panel with Custom Logo
  • DuraShiner® CF Tire Shiner
  • Signage
  • Cold Weather Options
  • Free-Standing Dryer Configurations
  • Spot-Free Water
  • Water Softener
Belanger Saber touchless car wash

Belanger Kondor® KL1

One-Arm Touchless Automatic Belanger Car Wash

The Belanger Kondor® KL1 is the smoothest one-arm wash ever, featuring the sleek design of the Kondor® platform and exciting customer-friendly features. This unit has installation options for almost any bay size, and is perfect for both new and existing bays. New features include a less intrusive compact carriage head, which helps users feel safer, and narrow overhead travel rails that form an inverted runway that helps drivers get into position.

The Kondor® KL1 also features an Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arm that requires no intervention to function, two presoaks, and a wax application. Other application options include:

• Triple foam
• Spot-free rinse
• Additional waxes
• Bug spray

Belanger Kondor touchless car wash

Belanger Kondor® KL2

Two-Arm Touchless Automatic Belanger Car Wash

The Belanger Kondor® KL2 offers the same great features of the Kondor® KL1, but with the added cleaning power of a two-arm format. This two-arm design increases the navigational certainty of users, while allowing simultaneous chemical application and rinsing.

Belanger Kondor touchless car wash

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