The FreeStyler® in-bay car wash offers exciting features for both you and your customers.

Rather than a floor-mounted rollover, the FreeStyler® features a unique overhead gantry design, which feels open and comfortable to customers while preventing the operator headaches of grit- and ice-related failures (and associated maintenance costs) that are common to rollovers. The overhead gantry also speeds up loading and increases throughput, saving time for customers and increasing the number of washes it can complete to 20 per hour.

There is no shortage of great features with the FreeStyler®. The Variable Frequency Drive motors provide softs starts, prolonging life and reducing peak energy costs. Floating mounts that minimize bearing loads and rugged, epoxy-coated motor-and-gearbox units extend component life and reduce maintenance needs. And to eliminate the possibility of a customer accidentally driving off and damaging their vehicle or your machine, all wash wheels simply push out of the way.

The smart design of the FreeStyler® in-bay car wash protects both you and the customer, ensuring a positive experience for both.

Additional options available for the FreeStyler® include:

  • Wheel Stinger ® with freestanding Chemical Tire Applicator (CTA) – provides focused wheel cleaning followed by a high-pressure wheel blast.
  • HydroBlade® with Wheel Stinger® and onboard CTA – adds high pressure and wheel cleaning upsell opportunities.
  • Whisper Wheel™ – top wheel fill runs quietly, increasing customer perception of a gentle wash process.
  • DuraShiner® CF – delivers quality tire shining results in an in-bay configuration design.
  • Triple Foam
  • Sealer Wax
  • Drying Agent
  • Bug Spray
  • Onboard and freestanding vehicle dryers

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