An automatic car wash rinses off the soap from a car using greywater recycled water.

A Brief Guide to Greywater Recycling Systems

Clean water is obviously one of our most important commodities. Unfortunately, it is also something that we waste a huge amount of through flushing toilets, and washing your car. None of these things require fresh, clean drinking water, and yet that is what the majority of homes continue to use. However, by installing a water recycling system, you can cut down on the amount of water your business wastes and also significantly decrease your water bill.

dirty tile floor

Do I Need Different Floor Scrubbers for Different Types of Flooring?

Your floor is an important part of your environment and needs to be cleaned frequently. Choosing the right type of floor scrubber for the material your floor is made of will make for the most effective cleaning job. Using the wrong cleaning method for your type of floor can make it more difficult to clean or potentially damage the material, creating the need for expensive replacement early in the life of your floor. The following are some of the methods that work best for different types of floor materials.

Foam on the windshield of a vehicle in a carwash

Advantages of an Automatic Car Wash

Many small businesses take advantage of the free advertising that comes with well-placed signage on company vehicles. However, as your cars and trucks travel miles of roads in all kinds of weather, they pick up plenty of grime — everything from a fender full of flattened bugs to a layer of dust on the rear…

A man pressure washes dirt off a pavement.

13 Oddly Satisfying Pressure Washing Jobs

Cleaning years of dirt off of structures can be downright satisfying. After all, who doesn’t love seeing surfaces cleaned to their former glory in a way that looks impossible? Thanks to the power of pressure washers, we’ve compiled some of our favorite cleaning jobs for your viewing pleasure: 1. There’s something magical about seeing weathered bricks…

Man using a pressure washer in the street

Renting vs. Buying a Pressure Washer

If you ever need to clean up stubborn stains – such as an oil spill – you’ve likely used a pressure washer for the job. After all, this equipment is often the only way to effectively get rid of difficult stains. But if you don’t own one, should you? Or should you stick to renting…

Man cleaning oil from a driveway with a pressure washer.

Three Ways to Remove Oil From Surfaces

Dealing with oil on the concrete surrounding your home or workplace? A dirty driveway takes away from the curb appeal of your house or the professionalism of your company, but general purpose cleaners fail to fix the problem. Luckily, you have three ways to address oil issues to clean up concrete and other surfaces. Clean…