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There is a growing industry for self-wash car washes. Carolina Pride Carwash Systems & Solutions meets the demand with its amazing line of quality self-wash systems, handling every aspect of the wash from equipment to payment systems, offering options for washes of all shapes and sizes.

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Belanger Car Wash Systems

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Soapy car inside Belanger Freestyle Car Wash System

The FreeStyler® in-bay car wash offers exciting features for both you and your customers. Rather than a floor-mounted rollover, the FreeStyler® features a unique overhead gantry design, which feels open and comfortable to customers while preventing the operator headaches of grit- and ice-related failures (and associated maintenance costs) that are common to rollovers.

Soapy car inside Touchless Car Wash Systems

The Belanger Kondor® KL1, Belanger Kondor® KL2, and Saber® SL2 are all state-of-the-art Touchless Automatic Car Wash systems. Each with its own unique features, our touchless systems are all top of the line, helping users feel safer and more confident.

Car about to enter Belanger Signature Series Car Washes

A deluxe tunnel wash, the Belanger Signature® Series offers many of Belanger’s top-of-the-line options. Operators have the choice between electric or hydraulic drive technology, with each offering benefits based on your needs. The electric drive option with Integra® controller offers one-button control over the entire line.

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